Monday, May 28, 2007

the great baby escape

the great baby escape

Tut 7

Tutorial Seven: Posting You Tube Videos and Flickr Badges to Blogs: Explaining the process

Task One: Explain the step by step process required to embed You Tube videos into your Blog . Consider using screen captures to provide a visual representation of these steps.
-Upload video off DVD onto youtube.
-Fill in all of the empty boxes on the youtube which ask information about the video ie what genre, title and tags (key words)
-Copy the embed code
-paste it in avalible space in costomizeing section of blog

Task Two: Explain the step by step process required to embed a Flickr Badge into your Blog . Consider using screen captures to provide a visual representation of these steps.
upload pictures to Flickr web page.
-highlight a photo and at the bottom of this page click on the 'tool' link under the help bar.
-click 'build a badge' on the right hand side of the screen.
-select a badge format
-click 'choose pictures'
select who can see the badge
-select layout
-select colours
-preview and get code
-paste code into empty space in blog dashboard

Monday, May 21, 2007

Tut 3

Tutorial Three: Blog Creation Tasks
Task One: Follow instructions to set up a account with Blogger
This will involve setting up a Google account (make note of your user name and password)
Task Two: Follow instructions to complete the following Blog construction tasks
Choose a Blog Template (this can be changed later if you wish)
Provide a Blog title (this will need to incorporate your name and the course title Participation in Occupation 1)
Provide a Blog outline. This is a short statement outlining the purpose of the Blog (this information should come from the course outline and assessment guidelines for Participation in Occupation 1).
Complete your Blog profile (you need to include your age, gender, industry, occupation and location)
Up load a photo to your Blog profile

Task Three: Follow instructions to start posting content. Your first two post should be taken from the technical descriptions for tutorials one and two.

Task Four: Provide a brief summary of the services offered by Blogger (this will be your third posting. Information can be drawn from the attached hand out). In addition to this name one other Blog host.

A place to design a profile, post photos, blogs and thoughts, engage with friends and get mobile updates.
another blog host is myspace, more popular with bands and a younger generation

Task Five: Upload 5 photos from tutorial 5 onto your flickr account.

Any remaining time can be spent
· Exploring Blogs hosted by Blogger and other services (e.g.myspace)
· Setting up a personal Blog
· Organising your flickr account into groups

Tut 4-5

Tutorial Four and Five: Video Production Sessions

Task One: Follow instructions and work in a small group to plan and produce and edit a 30 second short.

Task Two: Set up a U Tube account

Task Three: Follow instructions to posting your video on U Tube.

Task Four (Blog Posting): Provide a brief summary of the services offered by U Tube. Information can be drawn from the week five tutorial hand out.

Utube provides a place to upload and post videos for public viewing and post comments on others videos.

Task Five (Blog Posting): Provide a brief account (1-2 paragraphs) on how the use of planning (storyboarding and scripting aided your groups short film.

Story boarding is the process off maping out the shots of a film as to have it organised and make it easier to get the shots you want and shorten the editing process. It also helps to develop the story line and give a vision of the final product.

tut 6

Tutorial Six: The Internet and online communities

Either search online for a community which interest you or choose one of the provided online communities to investigate. Make sure your selected a community that comprises some form of online forum, discussion page or chat room. You may also wish to see if your community has a Wikipedia entry.

Provide the web address and the name of the community you are investigating

What is the brief or focus of this community

Friends can create and invite, ether Private or public profiles which the share with each other. any member of bebo can look at a public profile, where as Private are limited to accepted friends. this is a place where photos, comments, videos, widgets, quizzes, blogs and polls.

What services are provided? How interactive is this site? How can people contribute?

Any one can leave a comment which the profile holder can delete at any point. It is mainly for friends to communicate as appose to talking to strangers however this is possible provided they will accept your invitation. It is very interactive providing a place to comment on and view other peoples photos, comments, videos, widgets, quizzes, blogs and polls.

Consider material presented during the lecture and make comment on why people choose to contribute to this community. What is it they are seeking?

People are often wanting to communicate for free with there friends and keep in touch with people they don't see very often. Blogging is the best example of this giving some one the ability to tell all of there online friends what they are currently doing in life.

Cut and paste an example of the type of topics being discussed (you may have to provide a context to your excerpt).

Currently travellers blog:
'We are in Luxor now. The Felluca was awesome, we just chilled out completely for 2 whole days. The boat had one massive mattress over it so we all sprawled out, listened to music, played guitar, read, sun bathed, drank and generally hung out. On the first night we all got trashed and smoked shesha for Africa, I had a smokers cough the next day (sorry Mum, won't happen again). Melissa (my roomy) drank a whole bottle of vodka (she's been living in Ireland) and was soooo hammered, she was demonstrating her yoga moves, I got some classic pics!! On the second night we had a bonfire and party on the land with the local Nubians. The played their drums and sang while we all danced around the fire under the stars. Russ, one of the guys on tour played a few songs on the guitar but they didn't seem very impressed, no beat compared to their music... '

Considering material presented during the course and make comment on the potential ethical issues that may arise in this community e.g. lack of identity and accountability.

The fact that any one can leave a comment and it can stay there for days before you get the opportunity to read or delete it can open the floor up to bullying and also there is no restrictions on people making up false identities or even copying and pasting other peoples. this could mislead people to assuming they know some one. how ever as a fall back a profile can always be made private where people can not post a comment with out being a friend and 'friends' can be deleted

Consider material presented during the lecture and make comment on the benefits this community holds over traditional notions of community e.g. communities reliant on geographic proximity

Bebo provides a free means of communicating with people any where with the Internet in the world. with out leaving the house or even having to be conscious at the same time as the person you want to talk to. for travellers especially it is a good way to update people on what they are doing seeing and where they are headed to next.

Consider material presented during the lecture and make comment what this community lacks or can not provide which traditional communities can.

Seeing some one face to face and reading body language can not be topped nor stimulated, even with 'emocons' or 'smilies' (little faces showing mood) real emotions can not be conveyed as clearly as in person. This can lead to confusion, sarcasm is a major culprit in this.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

tut 2

Some of the pros of digital cameras are the clear picture, the ablilty to easily delete bad photos, easy use, speed in development the cons include u cant get the same effects as a normal cam such as using 3500 film in dim mlighting to get a grainy photo. also some digital cameras dont take photos fast enough, they are not as reliable and media is easily lost.

Digital images can be stored on CD, DVD, meomory stick, in a computer, printed, emailed , carried in an mp3 device, sent in the mail, and minipulated by programs such as photo shop.

I think people should have the right to know if they are being photographed this is particually prevelent in areas where cameras are allowd and people would definatly not want their photos taken such as a changing room.

Digital issues can be used in OT practice to demonstrate, instruct and remind. provides a place to display share and view images.

Myspace is similar to flickr in that you can display, view, and share photos

digital relates to the pixilation where as optical relates tot he whole picture and there for the zoom is clearer

mega pixels are tiny squares of colour which together make a picture